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VERTIGO STARTS Artistic Residencies Program Call 2017

Requirements and process

 Submission Instructions:

Create an account (or use a pre-existing account). After creating your profile, create your application for " VERTIGO STARTS Artistic Residency Program Call 2017" via the "Your Application" panel. You can save your application as a draft before the submission deadline. The system will warn of any incomplete material before the final submission. Content in your profile can be used for several applications.

 If you have further questions please contact us by email:

Purpose of the VERTIGO STARTS Artistic Residencies

The call builds on the STARTS initiative (Innovation at the nexus of Science, Technology, and the ARTS) which promotes the collaboration of artists with R&D projects in the field of ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) as catalysts of innovation processes.

The call is open to artists willing to collaborate with the partners of an R&D ICT-Project in order to develop, in particular through the production of an original artwork based on its technology, a fresh approach to its innovation challenges.

List of R&D ICT-projects selected by VERTIGO is accessible online.

After having chosen a project in this list, applicants shall elaborate the idea of an original artwork based on its technology. They shall also explain the projected process of its design and production including the expected interactions with the project partners for the investigation of the artistic and technological issues to be explored through experimentation.

Who can apply?

The call is open to experienced artists of any artistic field and of any nationality. The only constraint is that the applicant is a physical person and will be the author of the artwork produced in the framework of the residency.

In addition to the VERTIGO grant and to the available R&D ICT-Project facilities, it is recommended that the artist applies together with an organisation (Producer) of choice which will bring additional support (technical and hosting infrastructure, funding, staff, etc.) in order to cover all the means necessary for the targeted artistic production.

In this case, the Producer should comply to relevant criteria in terms of human, technical and project management approach adapted to the specificity of artistic projects. It might also facilitate the relationship between the artist and R&D ICT-Project and monitor the progress of co-creation. The contribution of the Producer should clearly appear in the workplan and in the budget.

What does the VERTIGO grant cover and which category to select?

The VERTIGO grant will be paid directly to the Artist as a commission for producing the artwork.  The artwork will remain the property of the Artist, but in exchange the Artist will enable its partners in this process (VERTIGO, the R&D ICT-Project, the Producer) to present and disseminate the produced artwork and its public documentation through their dissemination channels.

The Artist shall choose between two categories of grant:

The residencies of Category 2 will be reserved to the largest production projects involving recognised artists. Applicants may choose to apply only to Category 2 but with fewer chances of selection. They may also opt to apply to Category 2 while accepting to be downgraded to Category 1 by the jury; in that case, they shall present a budget detailing both possibilities.

For this first 2017 call, a maximum of 10 residencies will be selected, among which a maximum of 3 residencies of Category 2.

The VERTIGO grant is expected to cover all of the expenses of the Artist during the full residencies process, including travel, subsistence, equipment depreciation, purchases, etc. In case the amount is not sufficient, complementary funding by the Producer will be necessary; all the planned expenses and their funding shall be justified in the submitted budget and the Producer shall commit to its contribution in the co-production contract.

What are the requirements for the application?


Required material
The required materials will include:

Detailed Project Proposal
a .PDF document in A4 format (max. 20 pages) including the following sections:

Residencies may start from September 2017 and cannot in any way end after February 2020 (residencies selected as part of the 2017 Call are normally expected to end in 2018, but a later end may be considered). The residency cannot end after the end of R&D ICT-Project. The workplan shall include at least one milestone at half time with a review involving all parties with VERTIGO and the production of a short video presenting the done work for the VERTIGO public dissemination. Together with the artwork, the final delivery shall include an internal report on the done work and its main outcomes including a financial report, a technical documentation of the artwork describing the setup necessary for implementing it (If relevant depending on the nature of the artwork) and public communication supports including a video and a 4 pages public report (all these documents in English language).

What are the selection criteria?

The selection jury will apply the following criteria:

If you have further questions please contact us by email: 

Applications for this competition will open on April 21, 2017.

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