Nicolas Jacquot was born in 1983 in Belfort, France – He currently lives and works in Marseille.

He was essentially trained in composition by Jacopo Baboni Schilingi and Giacomo Platini, and taught electroacoustic technics by Lorenzo Bianchi at the Music Conservatory of Montbeliard. He took masterclasses with composers such as Luis Naõn, Gérard Pesson or Misato Mochizuki. He continued his education with Daniel D'Adamo at the Conservatoire Regional de Reims and achieved a Master degree in composition with Jean-Marc Chouvel in July 2016.
Since 20II, he is a regular partner of the Ensemble de Musique Interactive, a flexible ensemble based in the east part of France, particularly devoted to live-electronic music. He also collaborates with ensembles such as the Quatuor Béla, Accroche Note ensemble, Soundinitiative ensemble, Negative Zed ensemble and soloists such as Véronique Ngo Sach-Hien, Anne Nardin, Joshua Hyde, Philippe Bouveret, Katrin Zenz, David Demange, among others. His productions also includes sound installations (Modus Operandi, Ceci n’est pas un concert) as well as music for theater (Le Locataire) or film music (Denego, Les Circassiens de Lomme).
His compositions have been awarded in several international competitions and performed in various festivals : FIMU (Belfort, Fr), NUIT BLANCHE (Paris, Fr), ALBA MUSIC FESTIVAL (Alba, It), EMW (Shangai, Cn), REDSHIFT (Vancouver, Ca), ICMC/SMC (Athens, Gr), GRIEG FESTIVAL (Oslo, Nr), NYCEMF (New York, USA), MUSLAB (Mexico, Mx), BLURRED EDGES (Hamburg, De), …
Spanned by the works of Gérard Genette about transtextuality, his main compositional researches focuses on formal development strategies, fulfilled through functional organization of the material. He also embraces the vision of a reception-based stylistics, implying constant preoccupations towards the listening, which he likes to render ambivalent through the use of drifting poles : heterophony vs polyphony, monody vs heterophony, harmony vs inharmony or instrumental vs synthesized sources.