Victor Hocquet follows all of his initial studies in the Charleville-Mézières (France) conservatory and obtains in 2011 the Diplôme d’Études Musical with the highest rate. One year later, when he was 18 y.o, he gets in the Haute École des Arts du Rhin, where he studies with Emmanuel Séjourné, Stephan Fougeroux and Denis Riedinger. In Strasbourg, he obtains the Bachelor of Music in 2015, the Bachelor of Musical Education in 2016 and the Master Degree of Percussion in 2017.
Gradually, he finds his way in the contemporary performance (solo, chamber music, ensemble) and frequently performs with different formations (Ensemble Linea, Ensemble Hanatsu MIROIR, Nishi Duo, trio a/Z…) that gives him the opportunity to work in close collaboration with recognized composers as Helmut Lachenmann, Raphaël Cendo, Philippe Hurel, Aurélien Dumont, Martin Matalon, Philippe Manoury or Francesco Filidei. He is also selected for the 48th Darmstadt Ferienkurse für neue Musik, where he premieres So You Can Please by Tine Surel Lange, condemning through an audiovisual performance with dildos the women’s magazines that ruins the self/sex esteem.
In 2015, Victor Hocquet heads out on tour in Myanmar with eleven european musicians to meet local artists and try to mix several cultures and influences, as different as fascinating. In 2016, he founds the ensemble Contrio with Noa Mick (Saxophone) and Nicky Purser (Piano) in which he tries to revamp the contemporary chamber music, questioning the deconstruction of the musical substance by way of commissions. He also works with a metal artist, Lucas Laperrière, and two stage designers, Lino Pourquié and Margot Ardouin, with who he explores through the project Synes:thesia][ what liven him up for years : the artistic transversalities.